Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snowed/Iced In

I know everyone in the area already knows it but....yes
we are closed again today due to the snow and ice.

I am hoping the little bit of sun peeking out this afternoon
and the wind will help the deep freeze a little bit. However
since the temp is not cooperating and wont get above
freezing today it's not looking real good until tomorrow

I am starting to go stir crazy however all 3 pups are
loving the snow fun.

Measured in the backyard Monday morning.

Emmy's (3 years old) latest play time trick catching snowballs

Miss Cocoa is so old she just prefers to lay in the snow
and watch the fun.

Iris (2 years old) just wants to play ball in her over
sized play pen snow/ice who cares :)


fay copeland said...

i am coming from nashville, tennessee for donna downey's classes. my husband is driving me
am i going to have problems getting there. fay copeland

EMI Scrapbooking Store said...


Donna & Bill arrived safely this morning from NC. I would think by tomorrow all the major roads will be fine. I am going to head out to
the store hopefully in about
an hour. I believe I have your
email/phone number. I will call
you and give you my cell # so
we can touch base about the conditions of the roads around the store :)