Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Peek At Our Snow Jam January 2011

Normally I do not post personal pics etc
on the store blog but thought I would
share a few pics taken during all
the snow festivities this week.

Iris Jennifer's Australian Shepherd has wanted to be
out in this mess as much as she can. Since we live on
2.5 acres Jennifer has been taking her out to her play
pen playing catch a bit. No way are we playing
let's explore 2.5 acres of snow/ice with her.
Loving the triangle of foot prints and paw prints.

Opened the bedroom door took this pic and quickly
closed the door.

Somewhere under here is the driveway and the
side driveway going around back
to Gerald's Garage-Mahal.

Gerald clearing what he calls run way tracks
in case we have an emergency and have to
get out while he is back in Knoxville.
Never thought he would ever be using a
snow shovel here at the house.

I don't need run way tracks on the drive
way and I sure don't need any going around
to the backyard or Garage-Mahal!
I have
4 one pound bags of Dunkin ground coffee and
6 bottles of Liquid French
Vanilla Coffee Creamer. My
snow day essentials.
I am good for at least a week.
Not driving in this! :)

The lower part of the backyard nothing but
white..white...white...I am ready to see

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