Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Finally Made A Decision On How To Decorate The New Store's Front Windows

After looking at tons and tons of
clip art images and ideas here's what
we went.


JenMarie said...

Oh cool! I recognize those as Nina's stamp illustrations from Gina K Designs! Awesome!

EMI Scrapbooking Store said...

Hi JenMarie

I have not heard of Gina K Designs
before. I just took a peek and
love her site and all the ideas.
Just saw a cute cute Boo card that I love. I looked and looked for ideas
for the windows and I could not find exactly what I wanted so I had a local sign company come up with the designs. Off to look at her site more :)

sherbear said...


Maria Elena said...

So pretty our store !!!!

Kim L. said...

looks great!

EMI Scrapbooking Store said...

You gals are too sweet!

Again I can't take any credit for the design. I simply told the sign company I wanted a chandelier and
a bird cage/stand. They gave me a few options and we went with these which I love also :)

Lee (LuvLee on SCS) said...

Oh those are definitely Gina K. images designed by Nina!

EMI Scrapbooking Store said...

We are aware of Nina and Gina's concerns and as we stated we did not submit a single image to the local sign company. All images were presented to us to chose from.
We are in contact with all parties concerned.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!!

NinaB said...

I would just like to know the company's name that made this for you.

EMI Scrapbooking Store said...

I have forwarded all contact information to both Nina and Gina along with an email from the sign company stating that we were not involved in any way with
designing the images the sign company installed on our windows.

Anonymous said...

We would like one made for your store here in Canada. It's very pretty.