Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Tuesday Shop News 8-2-16

I will be in the shop Wednesday, Thursday and Lisa S will be in on Saturday. 

Beth and Gigi both return for fall hours when school starts. 

Saturday I will be at the All Day Hotel Crop most of the day. Lisa M will be there as our hostess also.

We have two 6 foot tables left for Saturday as of this morning. 
$20 includes 
6 ft table 
electrical outlets are in the meeting room 

Cropping starts at 10am and ends 
usually 10/11/12 mid.

After 8pm or so it if freestyle cropping 
Lisa & I usually leave to be home with 
our mommas. Many croppers stay on until 10/11/12mid

Photo Share today is a quote I love!

People are so quick to criticize others.
If only this quote was out into action instead.


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