Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Suzy helping with the blog....

Hi everyone,

This is Suzy Gray.  I've been designing mini books & store samples for years now.  I've met quite a few of you while shopping or at crops & events.  Those who follow the store on Facebook already know that I'm going to be helping Susan keep up with the blog & some of the online things. She's a one woman show that's stretched thin & I'd been offering to do this for a while so I'm glad that she took me up on it.  Bringing back the blog has been important since some of you aren't on Facebook & we want you to be kept up to date.  It's also a great way to post lots more information & inspiration in a single post.

The blog remake is almost finished.... but I thought I would let you know the different ways to follow the store with just a click of the button.  See the icons at the top of the blog - each one will take you right to the social media page pictured.  There you can follow the store or just see what's been shared recently.

You'll also notice the page tabs listing: events, kits for sale, products carried, etc.  I've linked all the posts regarding each of those topics to that page with the most recent one first.  This way if you are interested in the events you can click there & each of the posts we've made about events will show up there.  The kits for sale page tab will also work that way.  Starting today I have started listing new kits.  Each style will have a blog post with description, pictures & then a Paypal buy it now button and/or Ebay store link.  You will be able to scroll down & see all the recent blog posts with kits for sale.  If you click on the page now there are some of our old sold out kits pictured but they are no longer available. 

Then if you would like to follow the blog by email I have made a box where you can subscribe to the posts.  It's located on the right side towards the top just under the address.

As for summer store hours I will be posting the projected store hours for the week here & Susan posts them on Facebook.  However those who follow the store Facebook know that Susan has a lot going on & Stacy takes summers off for family time so things can come up in life at the last minute.  We're so thankful for all the customers & know many drive quite a ways (I'm in Lilburn so I know first hand).... feel free to call or text Susan to just double check if you aren't on Facebook at 404-273-4773.   

Susan's also posting lots of information & inspiration on Instagram.  That's a fun place to share photos, inspiration & connect.  It's super easy to sign up & even if you don't post pictures you can connect with people you follow who do.  

Let me know if you have any questions


Brenda said...

Sounds great--I follow the Facebook page and will follow the blog too. I was excited when I walked into the store not too long ago and Susan recognized me from Facebook and called me by name. Hope to be back to shop again in a couple of weeks.

Brenda said...
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Suz said...

Hi Brenda,
Glad you are following. That's the best part of shopping at a small business the personal service & being known isn't it. You should share some of your projects made with what you purchased on the store Facebook - We LOVE show & tell.