Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Thank You Teresa Collins and All the Girls Who Attended Teresa's Workshops This Past Weekend

THANK YOU TERESA COLLINS and ALL the girls who attended Teresa's Workshop this past weekend.

Teresa puts her whole heart into planning, designing the projects, kitting them, getting it all shipped, traveling to Atlanta, teaching and sharing with all of us.

As a LSS Owner I am a very GRATEFUL girl to have her visit us each year.

I have heard SO many great things from you gals about your weekend and I am thrilled that it was a great girl's scrappy weekend even with the Tornado Warnings and our side trip to the hotel housekeeping area to take shelter. I love that even during
the severe weather there was so much sharing, talking, photo ops and yes even a
few mini parties :)

I am so THANKFUL I took Teresa's advice and registered for a spot in all of her workshops so I could actually scrap and have a weekend of girl time also.

What are the odds yours truly won a door prize in Teresa's drawings of goodies that she brought with her; but I loved that I was able to quietly turn around and pay it forward to someone that wanted the Signature Series Magazine so much but could not get her hands on it. Being a huge Teresa fan I had gotten mine immediately :)

The addition of the extra free no frills cropping time after the classes was a great girl bonding time for everyone to just add finishing touches to their projects, enjoy some girl time with Teresa, pose to pictures and just relax.

We will definitely have the no frills extra cropping time both nights next year

I have tons of pics of all the hotel, workshops, restaurants, Charming Charlies and Antiquing fun which I will post during the week.

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