Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring Changes And New Faces At The Store

We have a few changes and new faces
around the store this
Spring so I thought I would post a little
post to let everyone know and introduce a
few gals.

With the continuing growth of the
mini book kits, my friend Stacy is
now in the store on most Mondays till
around 3pm or so prepping kits. Even though
the store is closed on Mondays she is more
than happy to welcome you in if you are
in the area and want to stop by. Stacy will
also be working on most Tuesdays during
regular hours 10:30-5pm to give me a little
break. I have pretty much been juggling
everything with the store, mini books, placing orders,
checking in new goodies, prepping/shipping kits, etc
by myself the past 5 years and I am very lucky to have
Stacy helping me at the store.

Suzy, My Jennifer and Peggy are
all continuing to design
several mini book kits each month in
addition to helping with just about
anything that comes up and I do mean
ANYTHING from helping with special events
with Donna Downey to Teresa Collins, daily
duties,looking for special goodies for
the mini book kits, designing signs/business
cards, driving me to the store to check
on things after major surgery, helping
with orders, checking in goodies to even
making coffee runs to Dunkin :)



Even though Patti has moved an hour away
she continues to design mini books and
helps out whenever she's in town.

The 2 Melissa/Mylissa's who started out as customers
and quickly became a part of the store
are now both helping out a few times a week
designing layouts, prepping kits, hostessing
crops and helping with the day to day runnings
of the store, mini books and shipping. I was
calling them Melissa #1 and #2 now it's
Mylissa and Wisconsin. (You will see why
when you meet Wisconsin :)


Melissa (Wisconsin)
and of course there is still me


Maria Elena said...

What a fantastic group you have helping you !
Best wishes to all...
Maria Elena~

Anonymous said...

Love the dunkin donuts picture! lol You are a riot!
I think I know Stacy. She works or used to work at Cumming First United Methodist Preschool????

Sherry Deines