Saturday, January 08, 2011

Donna Downey Workshops Class Student Supply Lists

Friday Night 6pm-9pm
Life Artist Album Workshop
Students Need to Bring:
• apron
• painting towel/rag – it will get messy!
• 1” paint brush
• small detail brush for watercolor (about a size 7 round brush)
• glass jar, mug or brush bucket (for holding dirty brushes)
• box cutter (optional – used to distress the cardboard edges)
• 5 pages of book text
• roll of 1” masking tape
• craft/fabric glue
• black India ink - recommend: Dr. Ph. Martin’s Bombay India Inks
• large spray bottle (to spray water for drippage)
• black Stazon ink pad
• antique linen distress ink and applicator tool
• rubbing alcohol (cleans the pen nib between uses)
• baby wipes if your messy!
• watercolor paints, crayons or pans - recommend: Windsor and Newton
• fabric scissors
• liquid scrap dots or pop dots
• 12-15 photos (optional, but recommended - mix of wallet sized and 4/6s)

Saturday Morning
Life Inspired
Canvas Layout Class
Students Need to Bring:
• foam brush
• baby wipes
• spray bottles
• Iron
• heat guns
• towel for drippage
• (1) 4x6 photo (black and white or color)

Saturday 12noon-6pm
Beloved Workshop
Students Need to Bring:
NOTE: All paint colors can be substituted with any colors you prefer
• Americana/deco art avacado dip acrylic paint
• Folk Art/Plaid 438 ballet pink acrylic paint
• Golden N5 neutral gray acrylic paint (heavy body)
• Golden Quinacridone Magenta fluid acrylic paint
• Adirondack/earthtones cranberry pigment ink pad
(if you do not want to share)
• Apron
• ¾-1” paint brush
• iron + ironing surface
• spray bottle filled with water (not a mini mister)
• glass jar or cup for rinsing brushes
• towel to clean brushes/space
• baby wipes
• fabric adhesive
• liquid scrap dots (optional)
• Antique linen distress ink (optional)
• Spun sugar distress ink (optional)
• Photos - (7) 4x6 & 5 wallet (optional)

If you have any questions please emails us at on Sunday and Monday
since the store is closed. That way we
can respond to you asap :)

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