Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Week With The Family

Just posting a reminder that the store is closed all
this week so that we can enjoy some much needed
family time with our family. (Sorry for the long
read. I try to keep the store blog 99% business
but I know many of you might worry as to why
I closed this week)

With all the duties
of the store, Gerald's business and traveling,
2 kiddos in their early 20's, mom living a little
over an hour away, Jonathan's upcoming wedding
we seem to come and go alot and usually one of the
group is missing.

many of you know that we lost my dad a few years ago
right after Christmas
and the last words I said at his side were "it's ok
let go I will always be right here for mom". Many of
you know how I absolutely adored my dad and the
stories of how much he loved Christmas and
the fantasy like childhood memories all of which
make this time of year very hard for all of us.

mom has a great group of close friends and is very
independent. However as life has gotten busier
this past year I have not been able to do as many
things as we used to. We used to go shopping,lunch,
movies, antiquing etc every weekend. The other day
I realized I have only seen my mom ONE day (yes I
am hanging my head in shame as I type this) since
late September and that was Thanksgiving which bothers
me horribly. Many of you have met my mom on weekends
at the store and know how close we are. I have been carrying
alot of guilt the past few weeks over with all this
said the rest of the week is family
week at the Moore household. The holidays are about Families and
Loved Ones and I just feel I need to be with
my family this week as all daughters, mothers and sisters feel.

Gerald should be back in town this afternoon,
Mom's coming, Jonathan and Laura will be staying
with us even though they live in Lawrenceville,
Jennifer and I am sure her friends will
be in and out.

We have tons of food, new dvds, our annual
new trivia and crazy board games so
the fun begins.

I will be posting a little over the week with
updates on Donna Downey & Teresa Collins Events,
new product coming in early January, upcoming
Winter CHA info and even share a few pics of
the family holiday craziness.

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday full
of memories & love. For those traveling
travel safe!

Many of you know I love theme trees. We have
5 regular trees and several minis in the house
this year. Even the pups have a tree. This
is one of the minis on the coffee counter in
the kitchen. Those who know me well know my
morning addiction and sometimes afternoon addiction
to the local Dunkin for coffee.

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sherbear said...

Have a wonderful holiday. And our cat and guinea pig have a pink tree in the living room :)
Take care.

Anonymous said...

Happy Holidays!!!! I have been looking for a mini white tree for a year and can't find one I like... I love yours!!!! Where did you get it???? Adriane Winchester