Thursday, August 12, 2010

All Summer 2010 CHA My Mind's Eye Releases Are Here After Taking A Scenic Route Thru Atlanta

All the boxes of new MME goodies which includes
Lost & Found
I Believe
Holly Jolly
Alphabet Soup Boy & Girl

are checked in and out in the
store and of course since it involved me it has to have a crazy story.
Those who know me this will give you a chuckle..since you
can probably picture me in the scenario :)

All boxes were out for delivery as of 4:55am..Yea no missing boxes..
no trail derailment this time..Awesome...

Regular UPS guy comes mme boxes...

Regular UPS guy comes thru center again at
4pm..nope..nothing.. heading to get back on truck...
I think the way we chased out in the parking lot
after him scared him a little. We have to
break him in like we did George the past 4 years.

Different UPS guys comes 4:15...goes...nothing

I call UPS 1,2,3,4 times during the day...I tell them
that our regular guy has come and gone in the center
twice today. I explained that I noticed on the tracking
the address reads **roate** not road but the street number..street are all correct. Of course they
cant do a thing since tracking says it is on a truck
out for delivery. They say **roate** should not matter. Then
they explain well maybe since it is
8 boxes it would not fit on the regular ups guy's truck.
nope plenty of room he says...I keep checking tracking for
updates cause I know that ole EXEMPTION CODE is coming any
minute now. Sure enough 5:15pm there it is. All boxes
sent back to UPS hub stating wrong address...After a few quick
calls and some major venting..I am told I can come to the hub
till 7pm tonight and pick them up or possible reschedule
delivery tomorrow...ummmmmmmmmmm no thank you..I have a bad
feeling about doing that.....Customer
service assures me boxes are there at the hub and they are
expecting me...I confirmed twice..Are you sure they
are back there??? Because I tell her I will be royally ticked if I get
there and the boxes are not there..Yes mam they are here
waiting on you...Suzy who was helping me today says she will
go along for the ride since I have no clue where I am going.
As we are leaving my cell rings..Strange number...Well it's
UPS dispatch..My boxes are not at the hub..they are on another
driver's truck who will meet me at a near by center...So off we
go for a side of the road UPS delivery of all 8 boxes. Thankfully
the dispatch gal went above and beyond in helping me tonight.
If I had driven all the way to the hub and found out the 8 boxes
were out on a truck somewhere Suzy would have seen a new side of me :)
Between the 2 of us we checked it all in (100's)of pieces
and got it all out in just over an hour. I will post some
neat layout ideas I have seen and from CHA tomorrow or over
the weekend. Wait till you gals see these goodies in person
they are terrific. We will also be having a layout contest which I will
post details about over the weekend also. For now this gal is crashing :)

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phamil said...

Holy Cow!!! Had to laugh, yep, Suzy would never be the same!!! LOL! This could only happen to you! Seriously, I really am sorry, but glad you got it!!!