Tuesday, June 29, 2010

New Store Update

After a few delays we are just about ready to start moving merchandise in and

All the fixtures, slat wall, shelves, cropping area tables/shelves etc are in and up. But the builder was not able to get the concrete floors polished the way I wanted so he is now painting them the next 2 days.

Then he only has the ceiling fans in the crop area and we are done..done...done...FINALLY... and we can start moving in product
and really get decorating.

At this point we expect to have our re-opening around Tuesday July 13th.

I have taken a ton of pictures of this whole process and will post
a slide show soon.

Here's a peek at the Cricut and Die Cut Counter in the cropping area for now :)
(Jen made the star bursts to hang from the black grid ceiling..the slat wall is just a temporary home.

another wall in the cropping area..still in the works
love opening a drawer and seeing all my border punches lined up
instead of in a clear bin :)

No more going into the backroom looking for paints, glazes, mod podge etc in bins There is a paint closet with deep sink in the cropping area. Need to add more
shelves though since this is only 1/3 of what was in the backroom in bins :)


sherbear said...

Love it and love the colors! I cannot wait to stop by!!
What will your hours be?

phamil said...

I wanna see, I wanna see!!!!!! Dang, I miss everybody and feel like such a loser.