Wednesday, June 16, 2010

New Store Update

We passed our last inspection yesterday and should be
receiving our certificate of occupancy around
1:00pm today. Yeah!!!!

We have almost all of the front of the old store packed
and ready to move starting tonight if all goes well.

It will probably take us a week or so to get everything
completely moved in and organized. I will post updates
and photos as we get closer to reopening.

Thank you to everyone for all the sweet emails and
messages. We can't wait to get settled and start
creating with all of you in the new store :)

1 comment:

Cameron said...

It's just like yesterday when I opened my own flower shop. I have the perfect idea where to get the flowers and the shelves. However, I do not know where I would get the funds to start my business. As luck would have it, my request for a business capital was granted by an international small business loans firm. I love how the shop turned out. Just a friendly reminder: Never ever give up on your dreams!

Incidentally, I saw your other blogs and I think that the wall paint is awesome! I love the color. It is very warm to the eyes and very inviting. A good sign for business!