Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Exciting News For The Store

It's official...We will be starting off our 5th year
in a brand new store-front.

We will be located off exit 14.

I have been over there several times the past week
taking pics and sketching ideas for the architect.
We are going for a whole new loft/warehouse look.

We also have a terrific neighbor going in.........
a coffee and smoothie shop.....not as good as Dunkin
but the next best thing :)

I will share pictures as everything progresses
toward our move which I estimate to be the first
of June :)


Maria Elena said...

Great News Susan !!! I know this new place will be a paradise too. Good Luck ! I can't wait to see the new store !!
Pls do not forget to post pics in process...
Maria Elena.-

sherbear said...

WOW but good for you but you will be further away. Wahhhh!!

Suz said...

That's fantastic - glad to see you growing. You have one awesome store (thanks to your amazing taste in stocking the latest and greatest). Keep up the good work & I wish you many more years of success and scrappiness.