Saturday, August 01, 2009

New Magazines Are Here

After talking to Scrapbook Trends Magazines about their
issues with shipping, offering magazines online etc.
we have decided to carry the magazines again. They
offered us a fantastic deal to good to turn down
so we are passing the deal onto our customers.

The August Issues arrived while I was at CHA
but they are checked in and out in the store.

The new prices for our customers
will be even better than when we offered
them at 40% off :)

Prices Are:

Scrapbook Trends $6.00 (they made a
mistake and sent the July issues...but
I am sure after I call them on Monday
and let them know they will have the
Aug issue here in a few days)
Cards $7.00
Handmade $6.00
Special Issues $7.00

At these prices they will sell out super fast so anyone
who wants to be guaranteed issues you may prepay for 3 months
or 6 months at a time if you like.

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