Sunday, August 23, 2009

Awesome Website For The Scrapping, Stamping And Papercrafters In The Atlanta And Surrounding Areas

I have been following Susan M's Paper Crafter's
Website for a few weeks. She has a great
site for all scrappers, stampers and papercrafters
to check out daily for happenings in the Atlanta
and surrounding areas. I emailed her and asked
permission to post a link to her site on our
store blog so here it is. She posts everything
from the happenings at the areas LSS to the big box
store sales to retreats, consignment sales etc. I check
the site daily to see what news she has posted :)
Here's a little info from her "about us" link on
her site.

About Us

Welcome to PaperCrafter's Corner!

We are so glad you decided to check out YOUR new spot for connecting with other PaperCrafters in the Atlanta area.

Scrapbookers and PaperCrafters are special people. We support one another and love to share. (I've met some of my best friends through scrapbooking.)

We share stories, layouts, pieces of cardstock, precious embellishments, techniques, info on hot sales, tears, laughs, advice, support, and more. I love going to crops and retreats because of the sense of COMMUNITY I feel at those events. The sense of belonging. The friendships I build.

Unfortunately, I don't get to go to as many crops and retreats as I would like. Life gets so busy while I'm out there living the life I want to scrapbook that I miss a scheduled crop or two. I start missing my cropping buddies. I crave more interaction with that awesome network of crafty friends I have out there.

Hence, the new PaperCrafter's Corner!

Let's share, laugh, and support each other through this site in between crops, retreats and meetups. Let's interconnect the groups of passionate crafters here in our area. I can't wait to meet some new great friends and learn what you have to share!

Susan Mintmire, PCC Editor

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Susan, PCC Editor said...

Hi Everbody! Thanks EMI for posting a link to the site! I welcome any feedback, requests, criticisms, etc!

Susan, PCC Editor