Saturday, July 11, 2009

Scrapbook Expo Atlanta Update

Expo was a huge success for us and we had a
blast both days. We meet a ton of great gals
from all over plus saw many of our regular
customers during both days. We even had some
great gals from Puerto Rico visit the booth.
Loved talking to them for quite a while.
I have pics that I will post in a day or two.
(this girl needs a little relaxing after
such a busy show...need my energy back for
CHA in 2 weeks)

This part is a little long here....but
Speaking of customers. One of the GREATEST
benefits of owning a store is the new friends
you make over the years. On the ride
home Michelle and I were talking about this
today in fact :) I am probably one of the
most lucky store owners around.

I have
Michelle and Patti (both originally were
customers before we became friends) they both help me
out in so many ways with samples, classes, daily
store things
and anything else that comes up. Both gals
were a tremendous help this week getting ready,
setting up, working the show,and taking it all
down. You 2 are always there for me and I
appreciate you both more than you know :)

Linda (another customer who became a friend
over the years) you are an awesome take charge
set up gal :) You are always there also. I dont
even have to ask..You just know when I need help.
Thank you for all the help setting up.

Michelle (the other one affectionately
known as AMUSE Michelle. Thank you
so much for taking care of everything for
the AMUSE stamp card make and take. It
was a very cute card and all I heard was
cute comments about them :)

Miss Crafty Suzy is another awesome regular
customer. She stopped by the booth yesterday
visiting. When she left she said to please give
her a call if I needed help with the make and take
Sat or anything else. My weakness is I hate to bother
people or ask for help. So I didn't call her this
am even though I knew I may be a person short.
Well mid morning who comes walking up, big smile
and here to help. Miss Crafty Suzy. She quickly
jumped in doing the AMUSE stamp make and take,
ringing up customers,putting out more stock.
She and Michelle nicely encouraged me to leave
the booth
for a little bit to do some major shopping.
(Friday we were so busy I only spent $1..Patti
ran across the way to get a puppy embellishment I
saw walking in). Today was quite a bit more $$$$
but I got some great goodies.
Plus we set up to order from 3 companies (one is
AWESOME for our classes and kits).

Krystal, Paula and Maggie (3 more gals who
are regular shoppers and have become friends)
both come into the store one day last week.
Saying we are here to help. What can we do?
Jumped in started bagging paper packs, kits
etc. Volunteered for hours helping us get
ready. Thank you both so much!!!!!

Then there is my Jen. Dang did that girl work
also. Set up, Fri all day, Sat all day, Take down,
plus getting ready in the store this week and the
Dunkin Donuts Coffee runs during the show. You
worked like crazy and your mom appreciates everything
you did.

Ok this gal is beyond tired and gonna recap the show
fun with Gerald before crashing. (Hoping to
wake up tomorrow and go straight to the boat at
the lake for the day lazing in the sun)

We will post some pics etc from the show in a day or so.

Look for new October Afternoon goodies later this week
and I think the new Kaisercraft papers :)

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