Tuesday, June 30, 2009

First There Was Cocoa, Emmy, Daisy And Now Iris

First there was Cocoa the chocolate
cocker spaniel who is now 11, then Gerald
found our rescue pup Emmy the Silky who is 2,
then Jonathan got his girl friend Miss Daisy
and now Jen's friends gave her an Australian
Shepherd for her 20th birthday. Thankfully
all 4 have their own special family members.
Cocoa has always be attached to me, Emmy to
Gerald, Jonathan has Daisy at our other house,
and Jen & Iris have the whole downstairs of
the new house to
themselves. so even with 4 pups there's lots
of room for them :) Several of the regular gals
have met Miss Iris when Jen has had her at the store
but for those that haven't meet the newest
member of the family :)

1 comment:

sherbear said...

Awww she has gotten bigger since I saw her last. Her markings are still so cute!
Happy 4th