Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sorry Gals I Won't Be In The Store Today Tuesday

Spent all day Sunday and Memorial Day Monday with a horrible
head cold. The kind where you sneeze 10-12 times in a row constantly,
congestion, cough etc. Didn't do a darn thing for 2 days except venture out for
more meds, oranges, juice and cough drops late yesterday. So those
who know me know I must not feel too well if I am not out and about.

Hoping another
day of meds and resting will knock this out.

Will post some new classes,kits and other info later today
or tomorrow.


phamil said...

What a way to spend a Holiday. You MUST feel bad!!!! Hope you're feeling better really soon. And I hope to get to the store SOON!!! LOL! Take care, miss you all!

Laura and Krystal said...

I came by the store today (Wednesday) because I was in Cumming anyway, and you weren't there. I hope you feel better soon!!