Thursday, May 28, 2009

Slowly Getting Back To Normal

Slowly getting back into the swing of
things at the store. Boy I don't think
I have felt this bad since my emergency
gallbladder surgery a year ago. That
is even counting all my dental
surgeries. But things are looking up
I was able to be in the store 3/4 of
the day today thanks to the company/help
of my Jen and Michelle :) I plan
on being at the store tomorrow until
3pm or so and Saturday all day for
cropping and playing. One positive
thing from being so sick ...I got a
wake up call on how run down I am
trying to juggle so much all the time.
My iron is way LOW...My BP is way HIGH
it has always been on the low side...I NEVER
sleep (2-4 hours) and worry about way tooo much
and always put myself last. So working on lots
of positive personal changes going on :)

We have some new kits and classes coming up. I
will post a few peeks at those today and tomorrow :)

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