Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter Sunday

We hope everyone has a wonderful Easter Sunday.
Those with little ones enjoy all the egg hunts
and fun. Terrific weather here in
Atlanta after such a bad weather day/night
Friday. Jonathan and Cord (one of his best friends)
are on the way over and Jen is heading back from
Lawrenceville for a family cookout. Who knows
what other fun (last year there was the Easter
Egg Hunt in the dark with flashlights)

Gerald had to leave a bit ago to check on things
in Alabama and then be back in Tennessee
tomorrow morning since there was so much
damage Friday. (The joys of owning your own
company). I Cant complain though he gives us the world
and never asks for anything :)

The kiddos are driving up so I will
close with these pics of Jonathan and Jen many many years
ago. Didnt have time to scan so I just took pics of
the pics :) For those who know about Lil Bit and Cadbury
the rescue bunnies from several years ago
these little ones are not them. But
I do have some pics of those guys I will share sometime :)

Have a fun fun family day!


phamil said...

Look at the babies!!!! Awwwwww!!!!

Suz said...

It's bittersweet looking back at those old photos when they're now grown...