Monday, March 23, 2009

Never A Dull Moment

After a week of 104.6 fevers, horrible chills, nausea
and horrible throat pain
from the worst Strep I have seen; Jennifer is on the
mend. She is apparently immune to the
Z-Pac (zithromax) and is now taking double doses
of Keflex 4 times a day. She lost about 6 pounds
during this past week (she is tiny as it is)
and I have never seen her so sick. Even at 19 she
is still my baby and I felt so bad for her. But we
have gone 24 hours without a fever so I think this
current mega dose antibiotic is doing the trick.
Since Jen was so sick we decided to skip the
"mom/mema" weekend at our house this weekend and I met
mom yesterday over at our other house for
some shopping. (Gerald stayed with Jen since we
figured my mom sure didn't need to catch this
mega strep.) Well you know that feeling when
your cell rings and you know something is
wrong??? Well that happened on the way home.
Some man ran a light and broadsided mom on her
way back to her house. All I heard was
"Susan ...someone hit my car and I cant
get 911". Needless to say I made it to
her in record time... It was a really busy intersection
and thankfully a man at a gas station heard the collision
and came running over to my mom...made sure she was ok
then chased the "creep" who was driving off, told
him to stop that he had called
the police. Her car is totaled....driver door gone..
front side panel gone...headlight gone...tire/rim
gone... but she is ok just a little
shaken up. This was her very first accident ever. She
had been talking all week about going and getting a new car
in April so I guess that's a definate now. So for those
who know me the never a dull moment of daily life continues :)

We have a few shipments coming in this week....

2 Pink Paislee lines will be here tomorrow (we have 2
coming now and 2 more mid April)

Fancy Pants (remember how my luck goes) never
sent a tracking number but sure billed my AMEX
so I called with 3 lines was still
sitting there in the warehouse...Confusion once again
over some embellishments they are expecting the next
day or so. So they are now 3 day shipping the papers
and they will be here Thursday.

The April issues of Handmade, Scrapbook Trends and
Cards will also be here tomorrow.

I will post pictures of the new Pink Paislee Lines
in just a bit. They have really stepped up
some of the embellishments.

Hope everyone has been able to
enjoy some of the great weather the past few days :)

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sherbear said...

Goodness girl glad everyone is ok over there....
Take it easy for a bit now.