Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Scor-It and Scor-It Mini

After having a chance to play with this FUN FUN FUN toy this weekend, I have
decided to start carrying both the full size and the mini versions of the
Scor-It. These are great for making all kinds of projects from cards to pockets, tags, boxes, gift bags and more. You can make the cutest gift boxes in less than
one minute. I will post a few pics of some projects later tonight or in the morning.

I have 6 of each size on the way and if anyone wants to
be guaranteed one of these you may call the store
and prepay for one :)
Here is a little info.

full size is $59.95
mini size is $29.95

Scor-It™ produces a true hinge score, by hand,
comparable to a score produced on a letterpress machine.
Simply slide a piece of paper against the centering ruler
to create a 90 degree angle with the scoring rule.

Holding the scoring tool like a pencil, line the groove
in the scoring tool with the metal scoring rule and slide it
down over the paper with even pressure to create the score.
It's even easier than it sounds!

Scor-It™ will score paper from 80# text weight
to 24 pt. cover (which is much heavier than anything
you'll use in typical crafting)

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