Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Paper Trends, Scrapbook Trends & Cards Magazine Club

I love, love, love all 3 of these magazines.

Every month I go on the "hunt"
coupon in hand for all 3 of them. I usually luck out and find the
current issues at Michaels but sometimes it takes a trip or two.
Sometimes it falls on a week that there is not a coupon so I end up
waiting till the next week and having to make yet another trip.

So I have decided to start carrying all 3 in the store and offering
them at the 40% off price (actually a little more than 40% off) no
coupons necessary.

I am offering 3 issue "club" memberships on each magazine at the +40% off price payable 3 months in advance. We are starting with the November issues of all 3 of the magazines.

You may choose 1 magazine or all 3 magazines.

Scrapbook Trends and Paper Crafts Magazines retail for $14.95. The EMI Scrapbooking price will be $8.50 per issue. $25.50 for 3 issues instead of the $45.00 retail for 3 issues

CARDS Magazine retails for $19.95. EMI Scrapbooking price will be $12.00 per issue (so $36.00 for 3 issues instead of the $60.00 retail for 3 issues)

I will call and email the day the magazines arrive and when you come into pick
up your issue everyone will receive a surprise and 10% off their purchase that day.

I mentioned this idea to a few regular customers last week and they loved it and signed up immediately.

If you are interested or need additional information please call the store at
678-341-7079 or send us an email at

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