Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Announcing EMI Creative Kits

Hi Everyone

Lots of new ideas are in the works here at EMI, so there will be quite a few posts over the next week or two.

Several customers have requested that we carry more class kits for customers
to purchase when they cannot attend a scheduled class. I know how hard it is sometimes with hectic home schedules to make after a lot of planning the past few days we are going to
do just that :)

All of the classes we offer every month will be available in kit form
immediately upon posting the class info. ****All class kits will have
colored pictures and detailed directions**** In addition there will
always be a sample of the class/kit project in the store.

I know a lot of stores require that
you wait until after the class to purchase the class kits.

I have never liked
that idea so we are going to offer our kits for purchase as
soon as they are created :) This way if you can make the
schedule class we would love to have you join us but if
you cannot attend you can purchase the class kit at your

Since I came up with this idea mid month it is going to take
me a week or so to create the kits for the upcoming classes.

I posted dates below for which the kits for Oct will be finished by and
up for sale in the store.

All future class kits will
be available for purchase as soon as
I post them to the blog or email the newsletter group about the

We will also be offering a selection of kits for sale in
the store that are not a scheduled class. These kits also
will come with detailed colored directions :)

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