Friday, August 10, 2007

Another Shipment of Bind It Alls & Coils

We received yet another shipment of these great little machines plus more coils. These are still at the sale price of 20% off making them $48.00 plus tax.

I am impatiently waiting for Mr. Brown this afternoon. The new Paper Trunk papers from 2 Collections are due in today. I have the display set with empty paper trays just waiting for the papers to arrive :)

I will post pics as soon as they get here and I get them into the trays.

I did not get a chance to post the yellow circle sale info last night. I have been working +12 hour days...6 days a week.... redoing alot in the store, ordering, planning etc. and I needed some down time with my daughter Jennifer last night. She is 18 and I only have so many gals nights left with her.

I will be posting all the sale info in just a few. It's a great 50% off sale on many items so if you are in the area swing by and get some great bargins.

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