Thursday, July 26, 2007

I love this Blog :)

A customer came into the store Tuesday (Kimberly) and we were chatting about all the new products introduced last week at CHA among other things we scrappers talk about. During our conversation she mentioned something on her blog so she and I got on the ole lap top ...........OMG you should see this gal's blog....her work... her layouts....I sat in awe for probably at least 30 minutes looking a dozens (actually +100 incredible layouts). She is one of the most talented gals
I have seen. I just love everything she has done :)

When I got home that night I logged back on and sat looking at more of her work and reading her blog. I emailed her and asked her if she would mind if I put her blog on my fav blog link on the store blog and she said sure :) If you have some time check her blog out at

FYI Her DS reported to Oklahoma last week (I believe) for basic training
at Fort Sill. Having strong family ties to the military myself I know she
is one proud mom as she should be :)

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